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Several Common Types of Skirts

Several Common Types of Skirts

May 30,2022
Skirts have been around for centuries, and different types of skirts have developed as the length changes or the fullness of the skirt changes. Skirt styles can be tight or wide. Skirts can accentuate the waistline or change the hem.
Type of skirt

Did you know that skirts are worn by both men and women! From kilts to aprons, skirts have had an impact on modern fashion and dress codes.
Several different types of skirts are listed here. Within each type of skirt, the length may vary from supermini to full length.

A-line skirt

A-line skirts are perfect for pear-shaped figures. The skirt is usually knee length and forms a triangle when laid flat. It's an easy-to-sew option and makes up for it well in most fabric types. 

The A-line skirt flares out gently from the waist and doesn't cling to the hips, making it a flattering skirt option. Due to its flared shape does not require slits in the sides or back for easy walking. A-line skirts usually fit around the waist, so they need to be shaped in the form of a dart or a slightly curved waistband. Waistbands can be high, low, or even elastic.

Asymmetric skirt

The design of this skirt relies on the asymmetrical lines created by the cut of the fabric and the different layers of the hem. Asymmetric skirts are usually cut diagonally across the body, with one side lower than the other. This is different from high and low skirts that are asymmetrical in the front and rear.

Asymmetric skirts can be tight, flared, or tumbled.

High/low skirt

The high/low skirt is exactly what its name describes. The front of the skirt is higher than the back, creating a high-low effect. This skirt is best sewn from a soft and flowy fabric. The sample below is made with rayon voile to give the skirt movement and elegance as you walk. The difference between the front and the back can be subtle or very significant. Some high and low skirts are too low at the back and become a train hanging down from behind.

High waist skirt

The main feature of this skirt is the high belt. The fullness of the skirt is attached to this strap and is often a decorative part of this style. High-waisted skirts can be made with elastic or flat straps, as shown on the right. They can also be worn with tight pencil skirts. A high-waisted skirt works best with a fitted shirt for a flattering silhouette.

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts have become the first choice for women in the workplace and business. These types of skirts are cut straight to the desired length and form a rectangle when laid flat. Some may also taper inward at the knee.

If it's not made of stretch fabric, you'll usually need a slit in the back or side. If there are no gaps, they are really hard to walk in, especially with a pair of heels.

Pleated skirt

The pleated effect of this skirt varies with the size of the pleats. The knife pleats that sit flush with the skirt are flattering. Pleated skirts come in different lengths and different sizes of pleats. 

The pleats follow a pattern, and once the size of the pleat is determined, complete the skirt in the same size. Pleated skirts are usually made of synthetic fibers and can be pressed permanently so the pleats don't come off when washed. You don't want to re-iron the pleats after each wash.


Churchill once said that about skirts and good speeches, speeches, like skirts, should be "long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to arouse interest".

With that in mind, and all the fun skirt styles available, it's easy to see why skirts always make a fun fashion statement. Choose a more flattering skirt type that will make you smile and feel comfortable. There is no right or wrong in fashion, just wear what makes you happy.

The above briefly introduces several common types of skirts. If you want to know more or want to buy skirts, please contact us.

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