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Women's Tops: 15 Different Types of Tops in Fashion

Women's Tops: 15 Different Types of Tops in Fashion

July 4,2022
In ancient Rome, it was already fashionable for women to wear a palla, or long shawl, and their long, colorful dresses called a stola. They held the clothes together with pins and brooches. Some wear wigs and even dentures. Scroll through the list below to see how the different types of tops for women have changed dramatically from ancient times.

1. T-shirt tops

T-shirts are undoubtedly the most popular type of shirt today, in part because society is becoming more casual every year. T-shirts can be plain or fancy graphics, and hundreds of retail stores and other businesses offer T-shirts with their name or logo on them.

Because they're primarily designed for casual occasions, they're usually made from materials like cotton or cotton blends, but you can still make them more sophisticated by wearing a stylish blazer or sweater over the shirt itself. 

2. Tank tops

Tank tops are known for their straight, skinny designs, and they don't have sleeves, and because you can wear them under shirts and other types of shirts, tank tops can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. 

Vests are usually made of cotton, polyester, various blends, and even silk or satin, and can be short or long in length. The vests can also be worn with super-slim shoulder straps and are available in a variety of patterns and colors, so they look and feel great every time, whether you choose to wear them flat or under other types of tops. 

3. Sleeveless shirt top

A bit more casual, but also suitable for office wear, these shirts have a collar and buttons on the front, they are a bit looser than other types of shirts. They can also be made of any material imaginable, so whether you want this type of shirt in cotton, silk, or any other, you'll find it pretty much there.

Perfect with everything from skirts to jeans, shirt tops can also be short-sleeved, and they're common in offices and even college campuses. 

4. Off-the-shoulder top

Off-the-shoulder tops that are both trendy and somewhat sexy can include one or both shoulders, and they are almost always short sleeves, although other sleeve lengths are possible. Off-the-shoulder tops can be barely off the shoulders or sloping down, and sometimes they may include one shoulder that looks a little different from the other.

One of the great things about choosing one of these tops is that not only are they super comfortable - since they're usually loose - but you can also wear them with just about anything. This is partly due to the variety of designs and colors the tops come in, which means they really have something for everyone. 

5. Tube top

Tube tops are usually made of tight elastic material and have no sleeves or straps. The tube top also shows the mid-abdomen, so it is very thin. Also, because of the way they fit snugly against the body, they are usually only worn by women of very slender builds.

Tube tops can be worn alone or under sheer shirts and come in a variety of colors and prints. You can wear it with shorts, leggings or blue jeans, and if you want to dress it up just add a pair of flats or dressy sandals.

If you're going on a picnic or a trip to the mall, wearing shorts and a tube top allows you to enjoy your outing in a very comfortable way. 

6. Cropped mini top

Cropped mini tops are almost always exclusively worn by young women. The fact that some of these tops are also off-the-shoulder tops makes them particularly expressive and sensual.

Perfect with miniskirts and shorts, it can be worn to the beach, gatherings with friends, and any event where you can soak up the sun for a while. Cropped mini tops often come in a variety of patterns, such as sleeve lengths and colors, so if you're looking for something unique, you're likely to find it. 

7. Designer spoon neck top

Spoon-neck tops are especially popular with teens and young adults, and they are often made from materials such as polyester or polyester blends. The scoop neck makes the top very comfortable, as the shirt doesn't fit very well in the neck area, and comfort and style are important for young people, especially as they tend to be in every young person's wardrobe. They come in dozens of designs and colors, mostly paired with jeans or shorts for a more casual look.

8. Loose tops

These tops are mainly made of comfortable materials such as cotton, and usually have short sleeves, a loose fit, and fit everything from skirts to jeans. Not only are they completely loose, but the top is even loose, with a fairly low and fluid cut.

Women who are medium or large generally prefer looser tops as they don't fit snugly and are comfortable when it's hot outside, after all you don't want to wear anything too tight. 

9. Loose straight tops

Usually similar to a tank top at the top of the garment, loose straight tops run out slightly at the bottom and are usually a bit longer than regular tops. Plus-size women often opt for boxy straight tops because they make them look slimmer. 

Although they are fluffy at the bottom, they are narrower in length than the sides and back and slightly shorter in the middle, making them appear "straight". Comfortable and a little dressy, a boxy straight top works best with jeans. 

10. Designer back graphic top

Very popular among teens and young adults, these tops have a unique back that includes a pattern that is both unique and eye-catching. Perfect for girls' night out, dates, and even parties, tops with a pattern on the back can include zippers, lace, or any other features, many of which feature a portion of the wearer's back for a sexy and voluptuous look.

11. Button-up shirt

Button-up shirts can be made in dozens of materials, with sleeves of various lengths, and in hundreds of colors and designs. They usually have a collar and are therefore more dressy than other tops, and you can choose from a variety of styles from sleeveless cotton shirts to long-sleeved silk shirts, depending on the look you want.

Button-up shirts are suitable for almost any occasion and are suitable for all ages. They can be plain or fancy, solid or printed, and they're a great choice whether you're going to the mall or the office.

12. Batwing top

These tops are named for the design of the sleeves, which resemble the wings of a bat. The top is looser than the bottom, which is a bit tighter and is usually found in crease designs. They fit snugly around the waist and hips, and they look great whether you're wearing shorts, jeans, or leggings. Due to the design, the sleeves are usually long or three-quarters long. 

13. Peplum top

Peplum tops are tops with strips sewn at the waist so that the bottom of the top flows outwards and has a slight flare. The great thing about waist tops is that the style itself is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

It also accentuates the bust, which is what many women love about these tops. They can be short-sleeved or sleeveless and come in dozens of materials and colors. Pair these tops with dressy jeans and flats and you've got the perfect outfit for a party or other type of gathering.

14. Stylish layered top

These tops are different because they have many layers on the front and sometimes on the back of the shirt. Often made with spaghetti straps, the layered look draws attention on its own, while tops are often made from very casual and comfortable materials such as cotton.

Layered tops can be paired with jeans or shorts for a more sophisticated look, and they're lightweight and loose-fitting, making them the perfect top for casual outings like going to the beach or going to the mall. Layered tops are more popular with young people, but their fashion style is also suitable for others. 

15. Bomber jacket

Usually made of denim, these tops are slightly tummy and are usually sleeveless. Looking a bit like a jacket, they're perfect for pairing with your jeans, and like those jeans, these tops are available in a variety of shades of blue, including the very on-trend faded look that many denim pieces have.

If you're heading out for a casual outing, these tops look great with a denim skirt, shorts, or jeans so you can look stylish wherever you go.

The above introduces 15 different types of tops, if you want to know more or want to customize women's tops, please contact us.

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