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Tips for Wearing Skirts in Winter

Tips for Wearing Skirts in Winter

Issue Time:2022/11/22
Skirt for Winter
Skirt for Winter
There are many stylish ways to wear your favorite dress all year round, even as part of a winter look. This dress is not as protective as pants, so read on to learn how to wear a skirt in winter to keep you warm and stylish.

5 Tips for Keeping Warm in a Skirt

When wearing a skirt in cold weather, follow these style tips to keep the heat in:

1. Add insulation on top. If wearing a shorter skirt, wear extra clothing on the lower and upper body for balance so you don't get cold. When you're wearing a skirt to complement your winter casual outfit, layer a thin turtleneck under a heavy cardigan or pullover to protect your torso from the elements. Pair it with a poncho or tank top with a winter skirt for warmth and style. Wear a thermal jacket—like a wool trench coat—and zip it over your winter skirt for added coverage and style.

2. Choose thermal insulation materials. Skirts made of thick materials are preferred in cooler months. Wool, tweed, leather, suede, velvet, fur, knit, and thick plaid skirts all lock the heat in and keep your legs from getting cold.

3. Use high boots. Tall boots, such as thigh-high boots and knee-high boots, cover your legs better than ankle boots or heels, so stick to them during the colder months. Pair over-the-knee boots with a maxi or skirt for a casual or sexy look. Wear high boots with a flowy midi skirt for a daytime look. Elongate your legs by pairing a mini skirt with high-heeled over-the-knee boots. Tall boots with fur or faux fur trim will also keep you warm.

4. Wear leggings or leggings. Throwing a pair of thick leggings or leggings under your skirt will keep you from exposing your legs in cold weather. Opaque tights provide more coverage than pantyhose or sheer tights. If you want the look of see-through leggings, wear a pair of leggings that matches your skin tone under the sheer black leggings for a see-through effect. Thermal leggings or fleece leggings will keep your legs warmer. Choose a pair of brightly colored or patterned leggings to make a statement.

5. Choose longer skirts. To keep warm, opt for long skirts in the cold winter months. Build a winter outfit around a wool midi skirt that falls just below the knee or a maxi skirt that falls just above the ankle.

How to Style a Skirt for Winter?

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to create a chic winter outfit around a skirt:

1. Choose a winter palette. Cool and dark colors are reliable chic color palettes during the colder months. Black, burgundy, emerald green, deep purple, cream, brown, and muted gray are all winter colors.

2. Add a personalized belt. Wearing a skirt with a thick, cozy sweater is a great way to stay comfortable, but the extra fabric can cover up your figure. Tie a statement belt over an oversized sweater for a streamlined silhouette and a cinched waistline. Try using different belts for different occasions. For example, consider a jewel-encrusted belt for your evening outings and a chunky, vibrant belt for a pop of color during the day.

3. Wear a bodysuit. Style your skirt with a bodysuit instead of a regular fitted top to eliminate the bulk of stuff tucked in. Bodysuits work on a functional and fashion level, as they provide extra warmth to your midsection and smooth your shirt-to-skirt look.

4. Pair with a long coat. A long coat that reaches the knee, mid-calf, or ankle is the ultimate winter staple. In addition to keeping warm, it can also piece clothes together. Use an oversized coat in an interesting color or pattern to contrast your neutral outfit, or pair the coat with a skirt for a monochromatic look.

5. Pair with winter items. One of the benefits of winter fashion is the variety of accessories to choose from. When designing a skirt for winter, complement your outfit with a comfortable scarf, knitted hat, beret, and a pair of gloves. Tailor these accessories for any occasion to complement any outfit. For example, pair your dress with a knitted scarf and beanie for a casual appeal. Dress up an outfit with a faux fur or velvet scarf and leather or suede gloves.

The above details how to keep warm when wearing skirts in winter, if you want to buy skirts, please contact us.

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