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How to Wear a Skirt in Winter: 5 Tips to Keep Warm?

How to Wear a Skirt in Winter: 5 Tips to Keep Warm?

Issue Time:2022/06/07
There are all kinds of stylish ways to wear your favorite dress all year round, even as part of a winter look. Skirts don't offer as much protection as pants, so read on to learn how to wear skirts in winter so you can stay warm and stylish.

When wearing a skirt in cold weather, follow these style tips to keep the heat in:

1. Add a warm layer on top.

If wearing a shorter skirt, please balance the extra layer in the lower and upper body to prevent yourself from feeling cold. When you're wearing a skirt for casual winter attire, layer a light coat over a thick cardigan or pullover jacket to protect your torso from the elements. Add warmth and style to a poncho or tank top with a winter dress. Wear an insulating coat-like a wool trench coat-and zip up the winter dress fit for additional coverage and style..

2. Choose thermal insulation materials.

During the colder months, preference is given to skirts made of thick materials. Wool, tweed, leather, suede, velvet, fur, knit, and thick plaid skirts all lock heat into your body and keep your legs from getting cold.

3. Use high boots.

Tall boots, such as thigh-high boots and knee-high boots, cover your legs better than ankle boots or heels, so wear them during the colder months. Pair over-the-knee boots with a long or short skirt for a casual or sexy look. Wear high boots with a flowy midi skirt to create a noble daytime look. Pair it with a miniskirt and high-heeled boots to lengthen your legs. Tall boots with fur or faux fur trims can also keep you warm.

4. Wear tights or tights.

Wearing a thick bodysuit or leggings under your skirt can keep you from going bare-legged in cold weather. Opaque tights provide more coverage than pantyhose or sheer tights. If you want the look of transparent tights, wear a pair of pants that match your skin tone for perspective. Thermal tights or fleece leggings will keep your legs warmer. Choose a pair of colorful or patterned bodysuits to make a statement.

5. Choose a longer skirt.

Opt for long skirts to keep you warm during the cold winter months. Wrap it around a wool midi skirt that falls just below the knee or a maxi skirt that falls just above the ankle for winter clothing.

The above is a brief introduction to the matching methods of skirts in winter. If you want to know more or want to buy skirts, please contact us.

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