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How do Girls Wear Hoodies?

How do Girls Wear Hoodies?

Jun 13,2022
Few sweaters are as comfortable as a hoodie, but they can also look casual. If you're looking for ways to dress up your hoodie a little, this article can help you create a stylish look in a number of ways.

Method 1: Wear a hoodie casually

1. Choose a comfortable hoodie as the centerpiece of your outfit. For this look, a hoodie will be the most eye-catching part of your outfit, so choose a hoodie that feels comfortable to you. A hoodie with a logo is a good choice for this look, although regular hoodies tend to have a more elegant feel. Good occasions for a more casual look include:

Everyday wear

Hang out with friends

Informal occasions such as movies or shopping

2. Pair a hoodie with leggings, joggers, or other well-fitting sweatpants. Avoid wearing hoodies with sweatpants. While it may be comfortable, the overall outfit looks loose. Instead, opt for fitted, unpatterned sweatpants that contrast with a loose-fitting hoodie. Good options include:

Yoga pants

Jogging pants

Fitted knitted trousers

3. Complete your outfit with a pair of sneakers or leather sneakers. Since this is a more casual look, a pair of sneakers is a good option. If you want to dress up your clothes a bit, switch to a pair of leather sneakers. In either case, neutral colors are ideal, but just about any sneaker will work well.

Sneakers are also a great way to create a sportswear look. Pair the hoodie with a set of leggings or fitted sweatpants to complete your look.

4. Pair a hoodie with a jacket that's casual but not bulky. A casual coat over a hoodie will help create an everyday look while still being warm. There are a variety of casual jackets to choose from but opt for one that isn't too puffy. Good options include:

Leather or denim jacket for a relaxed street vibe

A pea coat is a good choice for rainy days

A lighter tank top for a spring look

Varsity or sports jacket for a sporty look

Method 2: Dress up the hoodie

1. Choose a neutral-colored hoodie. It can be a hoodie with front zip or a pullover. Since this is a more formal look, avoid hoodies with logos or phrases. White, black, grey, and earth tones are all good choices.

Also, keep in mind that a lightweight hoodie looks more classy than a heavy cardigan. However, no matter what it is paired with, wearing a hoodie will add a casual, sporty element to your look.

2. Wear a well-cut jacket over the hoodie. Good choices are a blazer or a blazer, but in both cases, make sure your coat fits. Wearing an ill-fitting jacket can make your clothes look unnecessarily bulky or loose.

For a fitted jacket, the seam at the top of the sleeve should fall just over your shoulders and the button at the top should fall right in the center of your midsection. The end of the sleeve should be just between the thumb and wrist joints.

A lined jacket looks bulkier, especially with a hoodie underneath. If possible, choose an unlined jacket.

Opt for a hoodie made of thinner fabrics to pair with a jacket. This will help keep the garment from looking bulky.

3. Choose a leather jacket for a classic look. If you don't want a formal tailored jacket, consider pairing a hoodie with a leather jacket. This creates a look that still elevates the hoodie above casual wear. For this look, opt for a leather jacket with no embellishments or zippers.

4. Pair a hoodie with fitted pants. Doing this will help you avoid the informal look and allow you to dress up your hoodie. This will also help your outfits look planned instead of looking random.

Wide-leg pants are a great choice with a hoodie

The bottom of your pants should just brush to your ankles.

Don't tuck hoodies in, as this will make your pant waist look weird and bulky.

5. Complete your look with a simple pair of sneakers or heels. Simple neutral sneakers will help complete the look. A pair of heels is also an option but again opt for neutrals. Neutral colors suitable for shoes include:





Method 3: Accessory hoodie

1. Match your clothes with a splash of color. If you're wearing a rather plain hoodie, some color can help you dress up your outfit. Accessories suitable for adding color include:

A bright, solid color or patterned scarf

Colorful watch or bracelet

2. Add some jewelry or sunglasses to elevate the casual look. This works especially well if you're layering a hoodie with another jacket. Add a simple long necklace or gold or silver earrings to add a little sparkle to your outfit. Sunglasses are also a great accessory to add a little sparkle to your everyday wear.

3. Change things by wearing a hat instead of a hood. While the hood of a hoodie is good for keeping warm, adding a hat can be another way to accessorize and bring some eye-catching detail to your outfit.

In winter, consider adding a colorful knitted hat or a pair of ear muffs.

A straw hat is a lightweight option in warm weather.

Baseball caps can make any outfit look more casual, so be careful pairing them with other, more sophisticated outfits.

The above introduces the matching method of women's hoodies. If you want to know more or want to buy women's hoodies, please contact us.

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