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How to Wash and Iron a Pleated Skirt?

How to Wash and Iron a Pleated Skirt?

Aug 16,2022
Modern fashionable women love pleated skirts because they make the look light and feminine. No matter the length (to the knee or ankle), this piece makes a woman's wardrobe look sophisticated and romantic. The most popular models of lightweight fabrics, such as chiffon, are also made from fine knitwear or wool sewing. As for color solutions, there's a huge variety here. Often, girls think about how to wash or stroke the pleated skirt so that the characteristic folds don't disappear. Such clothes require a special approach. However, with some rules in mind, you can maintain the shape and beauty of your pleated product.

How to wash a pleated skirt:

1. This wash is the easiest but is suitable for housewives who know the chemistry of the dip and are sure that wrinkles won't be smoothed out. In this case, the pleated skirt should be washed in the washing machine at a temperature range of 30 to 35°. It is recommended to select fine mode without rotation. After washing, roll the skirt into a tube and wrap with ribbon around the waistband area, making sure the pleats hang freely.

2. Wash the product by hand. In this case, use water no higher than 35°. During the washing process, do not rub or wring the items during the washing process.

3. Twist the skirt into a tube (but not tight) along the length and put it into the nylon stocking. Then hand or machine wash. The product should not be wrung out when rinsing.

4. Put the pleated skirt in the bag for washing delicate items before washing. It is not recommended to fold or stuff it into something else, roll it into a tube, and put it in the bag. This tool also facilitates further ironing, plus, the fabric does not have static electricity after use.

Ironed pleated skirt

If you've stitched all the pleats with thread before, it's easy to stroke the pleated skirt. Only delete threads after stroking things. Fixed folds are easier to smooth out. The choice of heating temperature depends on the properties of the material from which the item is made. Rules for ironing pleated skirts according to fabric type:

Washed skirts made of natural or rayon should be semi-dry. The product was turned over and ironed! This is because spots can appear on the fabric.

Silk skirts or dresses rarely require ironing, but if ironing is required, perform the procedure carefully. Shoot the knitwear of the skirt and prepare the gauze. Cover the product with two gauzes. The process is more like steam than standard ironing.

Gauze is also needed to keep the folds on the wool folds. The material is impregnated with a weak solution of vinegar, applied to the wet skirt, and smoothed. In order not to damage things, please check the product label before ironing. This method is suitable for thick fabrics.

Pleated products are wetly ironed and dry fabrics will not be straightened out. Washing and ironing are recommended for pre-sewn items. Cover the fabric with gauze, then gently smooth by setting the iron to the right temperature. After ironing, remove the thread from the skirt.

Wrinkled items made of thin material, washed and dried in stockings or special bags with little wrinkling. So you don't need to iron. To do this, remove the skirt from the bag and shake it to smooth out the folds. The bathroom was filled with hot water and the door was closed, so there was a lot of steam in the room. Hang the pleated product on the clothesline above the tub and let it sit for 15 minutes. The bathroom door was then opened to let the steam out, but the hot water faucet was not turned off. After another 5 minutes, the fabric was smoothed out and the skirt looked like new.

You can use a steam iron to refresh items and smooth out even the smallest folds. Before that, hang the product over your shoulders and manually straighten the folds. Then turn the steamer on the iron to smooth out the wrinkled areas. However, be sure to read the label before using the steam mode, as items may spoil in high heat.

The above briefly describes the method of washing and ironing pleated skirts, if you want to buy new pleated skirts, please contact us.

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