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Styling Tips for Women's Trench Coats

Styling Tips for Women's Trench Coats

Sep 13,2022
Windbreaker has been much admired for many years, and this much-regarded design continues to recreate the - double-breasted front, below-knee length, D-ring belt, back with a cape, deep pockets, and tight cuffs with its original features.

You can still find this precise silhouette and shape in modern fashion; however, it has been reimagined in a variety of fabrics - breathable linen for summer, silky silk or satin for summer, and leather for winter fashion. New changes like this just mean you can wear the trench coat year-round in both hemispheres, making it versatile and versatile outerwear for every style and location.

Ready to style your next trench coat? Learn how to wear a trench coat casually and formally, and how to choose the perfect trench coat for you. Read on to find out the most popular ways to wear trench coats.

01. How to wear a windbreaker casually

There's no denying that traditional trench coats in cream, camel, slate grey, and even khaki patterns will bring a sophisticated element to every outfit. If you're just heading to the store or packing for a relaxing weekend in mild conditions, a trench coat will blend in with any casual outfit - even trendy sportswear.

There's no denying that the core of most well-thought-out casual outfits is jeans - if you want to look fit while being totally comfortable, we recommend opting for soft, stretchy jeans or jogging jeans with an elasticated waist so you have room to move.

French Tuck a fine knitted long-sleeve top or tall pullover into the front of denim, slip on a pair of leather brogues, flats, or knee-high suede boots, then top off with a trusty trench coat to keep everything together mix together. A neutral oversized scarf or a knitted beanie would be a stylish option for cooler temperatures.

If you really want to take your comfort level up a notch, go with the high-low dressing trend, which is done by mixing the usually more dressy pieces with looser pieces. In recent years, sportswear has been replaced by work clothes in many ways due to new ways of working from home.

We love the idea of fresh sweatpants and hoodies or crew-neck pullovers in pastel colors like charcoal, burnt orange, cream, and gray, paired with white street sneakers. The loose material and classic long silhouette of the trench coat will be the protagonists of this trench coat.

02. Formal trench coat look

One of the key reasons why trench coats always deliver great ROI is their undeniable versatility. The same trench coat can be versatile enough to elevate a home look and bring extra elegance to an office or evening outfit.

Wear a loose trench coat with fitted pieces. A knitted pencil skirt and ruffled long-sleeve top or knitted midi dress will work perfectly together while keeping you warm. The slouchy material of a trench coat draped over your outfit lends a casually cool attitude to even the most formal outfits. Of course, shoes are essential to ensuring the whole outfit is suitable for the occasion, so opt for lace-up petite heels, leather loafers, or pointed-toe pumps in the end.

Don't like dresses or skirts? You don't have to wear them for a formal look. Dominate the men's dress trend with loose-fitting trousers, tank tops or T-shirts, stylish heels, and a trench coat draped over your shoulders. There’s something super powerful about wearing a suit, and we think modern suits are perfect for the office, but also for after-dark events, with a silk camisole or fitted knitted vest underneath.

03. How to tie a trench coat belt

It may seem simple or self-explanatory, but the look of a trench coat is just as important as simply wearing one.

Of course, one of the benefits of a trench coat is utilizing the waistband to feel extra protected and covered in cold temperatures. Simply stashing the jacket with a buckle may be your go-to, but casually tying the loose ends and casually rolling up the sleeves gives a more sleek street style.

If you know you have a big event outdoors and are unlikely to take off your jacket, add a thin or wide leather belt to the top to make it the centerpiece of your outfit. You can even treat the trench coat as a piece of clothing - minimize the attire underneath, such as a miniskirt, bodysuit or tank top, and only wear stockings and high-heeled boots or heels.

The above briefly describes the dressing skills of women's trench coats. If you want to customize a trench coat, please contact us.

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